Easter Photo Fails!

And then the Easter Bunny said, "This is awkward. I'll just sit here quietly."

Submitted by Faith

Wanna sit on the Easter Bunny's lap? NOPE.

I was trying to get a nice Easter picture of my 18 month old twins and their big 3.5 year old sister...fail!

Submitted by Kim


It was an insanely busy Saturday afternoon at the mall. Our daughter Caileigh demanded that we go see the Easter Bunny. We sat in line and waited for 45 minutes with both kids (Owen was just over a year old and Caileigh was nearly 3- so standing in line was OH SO FUN... UGH.) After countless tantrums and meltdowns we finally got to the front of the line. Caileigh FROZE and stared hysterically crying. I was so incredibly irritated that I made my poor husband drag the kids up to the (grown adult in a low paying position) Easter Bunny and pose for this picture. 

As the other "Super Moms" in line stood horrified and staring at me barking at Mike to "GET YUP THERE AND GET THE FRIKKEN PICTURE!!!!", I realized what a terrible person I was ... Hahaha! I turned around and announced "Sorry ladies, I win Mother of the Year- the title's all MINE!" snapped up my giant diaper bag and promptly left the mall. 

Submitted by Melissa & Mike Danis

I can't see out of my mask. How do we look?

This Easter Bunny at our neighborhood hunt was having trouble seeing out of his costume.... When he posed with our daughter he completely covered her face! This photo has us all rolling!

Submitted by Natasha

The Easter Bunny's Revenge.

Submitted by Megan Holt

Easter Egg Hunt or Braveheart Fight Scene?

My son was participating in a church egg hunt. Clearly he was feeling very competitive.

Submitted by Lisa Lord


She's had better Easters, to be honest.

Submitted by Francheska Dill

Should we frame this one?

Submitted by Sarah Tomlin


Picture Perfect!!

Submitted by Anonymous


Best Easter Photo Fail Collage. EVER.

Submitted by Stacy O'Neill Knipe