Kids Notes: Sorry I Said Mean Things About Your Boobs, Mommy

Photo submitted by Brantley Averkamp.

We have two girls who attend a local Christian School, they are 11 and 9. Last night at dinner the 9 year old said that boobs are gross and she never wants them EVER. She went on to say how big boobs are the worst and so ugly (I wear a 36 DD). I would be accurately described as" busty" in most circles. :-)

I explained to my sweet 9 year old child, how God made us all to be beautiful and how those comments can be hurtful to others and should not be said outside of our home to anyone. Case in point, I told her the comment really hurt my feelings and made me sad. We cleared the table and not another word was said.

When I went to get in bed last night...this note was laying on my pillow.

Watch out Hallmark..

PS. I am still laughing and wondering when the parent of the year award will be given to my husband, whom she heard the word from.

~As a side note ... look how skinny I am (insert football victory dance), ohhh yeah!


Brantley Averkamp aka "Tits McGee"


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