Conversations with My Husband: The Unborn Baby is Keeping "Us" Up

Husband: I'm exhausted. The baby has kept me up two nights in a row.

Me: Bruno? Our dog? What was he doing?

Husband: No, the baby.

Me:  The baby in my belly?

Husband: Yeah, you've had your stomach up against my back and I can feel her kicking and moving.

​​Me: Really!? That's so cute! I can't believe you can feel it!

Husband: I thought it was cute too, for the first 20 minutes. Then it never stopped and I couldn't fall asleep. I don't know how you sleep so peacefully through the night.

Me: Um. I'm 8 months pregnant. You think I'm sleeping peacefully?

Husband: Well, while I was up you were asleep, so ...

Me: Uh, no - I felt her. And I also felt aching hips as I toss back and forth every 30 minutes because my legs felt like giant clubs trying to detach from my body.

Husband: You roll over every thirty minutes?

Me: Yes. And because we have a tempurpedic, I get stuck in my body's groove so it's like trying to lift a sumo wrestler out of a mud pit just to freaking roll over. It's so weird you don't know that. Could it be because you're sleeping peacefully?

Husband: Listen, there's no need to compete here. Let's just agree that your pregnancy is keeping us both up at night.

Me: I will never agree to that crap. 

Husband: Well, agree to disagree I guess.

Me: No, I refuse to agree to disagree. You can't say you're sleeping just as terribly as your desperately pregnant wife because the baby in her womb tapped your back a few times. I have hemorrhoids for cripes sake!

Husband: Don't remind me, please. Oh god, now I'm visualizing them.

Me: My hemorrhoids? Good. I hope they haunt your dreams. They're hideous.

Husband: "They're"? How many do you have? 

Me: I have no idea. It's not like we're all sitting around a campfire talking about our feelings. All I know is that I used to laugh at the people in Preparation H commercials and karma has come for me ten fold.

Husband: I need an exit strategy out of this conversation.

Me: Agree you sleep better and I'll stop reminding you of my hemorrhoids. Until I get another flair up - then anything goes. I can't keep that kind of nightmare to myself.

Husband: She was like the drummer of Metallica on my back - for hours. I just can't admit to lies.

Me: Really? We're sticking to the story that our baby in utero is pummeling you so much, you have insomnia? I don't even know how you sleep at night.

Husband: I don't. Remember?

Me: *leaves the room*

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