Conversations with My Husband: The Reluctant Ghost Hunter

Last night I was the last to go to bed. I turned off the lights, checked on Lucy, shut her door and checked the locks on the front door. She woke up at around 3 AM crying. When I went to check on her, her door was WIDE OPEN. After quickly feeding her in a frenzy of paranoia and putting her back to bed, I ran back into my bedroom and woke Rob up in a hot panic.

Me: Babe. BABE. Wake up.

Husband: ::groggy:: What? What's wrong?

​​Me: I just went to check on Lucy and her door was wide open. Like, hitting the other wall wide open.

Husband: So what?

Me: What do you mean so what? When I went to bed her door was closed. Latched closed. How could it swing open like that? I'm freaked!

Husband: Okaaay, what do you want me to do about it?

Me: I don't know, but there's no way I can sleep unless I know it's safe. Can you maybe check the house?

Husband: For what? Monsters? Ghosts?

Me: No, not ghosts, per se ...

Husband: Some man hiding in the closet who likes to open doors and hide?

Me: I don't try to rationalize the mind of a killer! Who knows what he's in to! Just get up and look around, I'm seriously freaked out!

Husband: Fine. I can't believe you woke me up to check the house for ghosts, but here I go.

Me: Famous last words. Hurry up!

A few minutes later ...

Husband: Okay, I checked the house. No ghost. The dog probably opened the door somehow and checked on her. Anna? ANNA!

Me: What? What happened?

Husband: You fell asleep while I checked the house for ghosts FOR YOU against my better judgment?

Me: Mostly for killers, but maybe a ghost too, whatever.

Husband: Well, we're ghost and killer free. Can I go back to sleep now? Anna? ANNA!

Me: Hmm? What? What? 

Husband: Forget it.

​​Me: Go back to sleep honey, it's late.



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