Conversations with My Husband: Thanks for Making Dinner, But No Thanks

Husband: I can see you're still busy working, want me to make dinner?

Me: YES! Please. I'm against a major deadline. We have turkey burgers in the fridge, want to make those?

Husband: Sure!

Me:  Thank you so much.

Husband: What should I make with it?

​​Me: I don't know - salad?

Husband: Eh, I had a salad for lunch. How about these rainbow carrots?

Me: Yeah, that works.

Husband: What should I do, roast them?

Me: Yeah, that'll be great.

Husband: How do I do that?

Me: Put them in the oven at like 450 for 20 minutes.

Husband: Just by themselves, or ...

Me: Well, a little olive oil, salt and pepper. And peel them. 

Husband: Peel them too? Where's the peeler?

Me: In the drawer by the oven. No the other drawer by the oven. Look behind the silverware. No, that's not the peeler. Yes, that's the peeler. No the other one. Yes, use that.

Husband: How long should I cook the turkey burgers?

Me: I don't know, about 5 minutes each side on medium high, then finish them off in the oven with the carrots if they're not done yet.

Husband: Put them in the oven for how long?

Me: Maybe three minutes? It depends on how undercooked they are.

Husband: How do I know when they're undercooked?

Me: Honey! You make burgers all the time!

Husband: Not turkey burgers! They're different. Do we have any cheese?

Me: Check the fridge. 

Husband: We do. Should I put cheese on them?

Me: ::looks up from computer with a "Surely you can't be serious" expression on my face::

Husband: Hey, I'm just trying to help.

Me: I know you are honey, but with all these questions I could have made dinner myself. But thank you, I appreciate it. Now give me a sec so I can wrap up this article.

Husband: Just a heads up, these turkey burgers have a little char on them.

Me: That's ok, I like that. Alright, well that looks like a hockey puck.

Husband: I don't know, I just feel like we're both to blame for this for some reason.

Me: Ok then, well the hockey pucks look like they're pretty much done. You can take them off the burner now.

Husband: Dinner is served!

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