Conversations with My Husband: Technologically Ruined

Rob is on the phone with our Insurance.
Husband: Um, I think it's September 26th. Hold on. Babe? Your birthday is the 26th, right?

Me: Is that a joke? That's our anniversary. My birthday is the 28th.

Husband: Oh right, sorry. Her birthday is the 28th. Um, it's probably best you have her cell. It's 402-30 ... babe, what's your cell number again?

Me: Seriously? Rob, we've been together for 7 years!

Husband: It's always been in my phone, just give it to me.

I give Rob my number, he tells the person on the phone and hangs up.

Me: Do you even know me?

Husband: Oh, please. You get my birthday wrong all the time.

Me: No, I don't. It's February 22nd, a week after Valentine's Day.

Husband: Really? You wanna do the math on that?

Me: When is Valentine's Day?

Husband: My birthday is the 21st, woman!

Me: Ok, well. I have a reminder in my phone, chill out.

Husband: What's my cell phone number?

Me: Uhhhh. 555-898-6335? 

Husband: False. Not even close.

Me: Hmm, I think that might be the parent's house of my first boyfriend ...

Husband: We can never lose our cell phones.

Me: Ever. We've been technologically ruined.

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