Clip-On Man Buns are a Thing. I Repeat: Clip-On Man Buns are a Thing!

Well, well, well Groupon. What do we have here.

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Is it a clip-on man bun or man's greatest shame? Trick question - it's both.

I guess man buns are in such high demand, we had to make fake ones and put them out into the market place? Suddenly, men can't be bothered to grow out man buns the old fashioned way - they have to clip them on? Because they need their man bun now? Like, RIGHT NOW?!

Listen, I'm not judging (I'm judging), us ladies have a lot of fake things. Fake nails, fake boobs (not me, mine are real and real saggy), fake hair extensions, fake lips, fake cheek definition (thanks contouring! xoxo). We're one big hocus pocus, I get it. So if you want to get on the fake train, who am I to judge? (I'm judging.)

But did it have to be in the form of a man bun? Do you have to ride the douche canoe so hard down the douche river you're willing to sell your soul and every slice of dignity you might have left to these people who make fake man buns for $65.34, but thank God they're now on sale on Groupon for $9.99? 

I mean, get it together man!

Image via Groupon

This poor model had to pose as a douche. Think about that before you whine about your shitty day, America. He probably worked at a Red Robin in LA for 10 years before he got this break. Life isn't fair, clearly. They even Photoshopped him so he could be a brunette douche.

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Okay, wait. There's one exception. If you're that hot guy who was on Game of Thrones. Never stop wearing it Jason Momoa. Just make sure it's real.


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