The Best Christmas Cards I've Ever Seen

Meet Tyler.

Tyler is my old college roommate. We were both advertising majors and close buds. He might be one of the funniest men I know and this is proven easily by his holiday cards over the years.

They began getting interesting with his wife, Ashley.

Here's the 2007 Riewer Christmas.

Obviously perfection.

Then, there was 2008 ...


Of course, who can forget when things got weird in 2009?


And then weirder in a biblical sense in 2010?


Obviously 2011 doesn't get more perfect.


And then, well ... a sad year when Tyler and Ashley's marriage didn't make it through a difficult time. Tyler, of course, didn't lose his sense of humor.

They're still very good friends. And now I'm super pissed I'm too lazy to put this kind of incredible effort into my own Christmas cards!

These pictures were published with the permission of Tyler Riewer and were originally published on his Tumblr. He now does amazing work with the non-profit organization charity: water in New York City.