Beloved Christmas tree now sad and depressing pain in the ass


A beloved Christmas tree nestled into the living room of the Shillard residence in Tecumseh, Nebraska is now a depressing “pain in the ass” according to Mary Shillard. 

“I love Christmas and I love decorating the Christmas tree with my family. I keep the lights on all night and let it shine bright, warming our home with Christmas cheer” said Shillard. “But it’s after January 1st now and that dried out fire hazard’s gotta go and I’ll be damned if I wanna do it.”

Shillard says that after a long holiday filled with carbs, sugar and mindless movie watching, the last thing she wants to do is take down “the damn tree." 

“I have to go to the basement and bring up all the Christmas boxes, then I have to put all the ornaments safely in, untangle the lights, sweep up the needles. I mean, who wants to do that crap?” she said.

This time of year it’s common for people to dread taking down the decorations. Magical Christmas trees that once filled the home with cheer now look like dead tree corpses reminding us the jolly is over and we all have to go back to work. Half of the lights burning out is the first sign that the magic of Christmas is dead.

Many choose to take down decorations right after the new year, whereas some may don’t take their decor down until summer, if it all. “As much as I hate Christmas tear down day, I get even more depressed if everything is up past the first. I refuse to be my neighbor Bubba who keeps unlit Christmas lights up all year. I just can’t. I won’t.”

After a few hours getting all her Christmas decorations in boxes, Shillard’s husband, Gary, drug the tree outside and left it on the curb were is continued to rot - sad, depressed and forgotten.