Become a Member of the HooHas Adventure Club!

I just feel like we all need to go on an adventure together, for all of 2016!!

I'm starting an exclusive club for me and you. A hobbyish, let’s live life to the fullest, do things we’ve never done before, make this year an adventure! - adventure club. And then maybe I would call it the HooHas Adventure Club. And then maybe we’d all become best friends and have an amazing year together AHHHHH!!!

(psst: if you're totally interested, but don't have the time to get through this post, zip to the bottom and sign up!)


Here's why I want to start this club:

A little real talk from me. For the past five years or so - I’ve felt a bit isolated. It’s the nature of the beast when you’re a writer, especially one that works from home. I spent time with friends, but rarely. I declined many invitations because deadlines were looming or a HooHas post still had to be written. I was happy but living much of my life online or inside a computer, managing HooHas and social media. Writing! I would have said I was living a happy life, but I was missing the little moments of living in the now. The dig right in with your hands moments. You know, the buzz of excitement when you’re in the midst of trying something fun and new. The satisfaction of serving someone else. The life, real life, moments of life that don’t involve monitoring how many likes my selfie’s getting on Facebook. 

Then, I had my baby Lucy. In the first 6 months, I felt even more isolated trying to navigate motherhood. For a spell, the highlight of my week was going to Whole Foods. I was and am a true baller.

Maybe you can relate to my story. Maybe you know life has so much more to offer and want to belly up to the bar. The Adventure Club is perfect for you. 

Maybe your story is opposite - maybe you’re an adventure junkie and currently unpacking your bags from a last minute trip to Bali. First - jealous! Second - the Adventure Club is perfect for you. 

I don’t know if it’s new motherhood, frightening current events or maybe it’s watching some of my friends grieve after losing their loved ones in the past year. Maybe it’s all of the above. But it’s hit me that life on earth isn’t going to last forever. I knew this whole thing was all so precious, but now I feel it with a sense of urgency. I want each year to have markers of my making. Moments where I said, “I did this. And it was awesome.” Or even, “I tried this and sucked at it and laughed and laughed and laughed.” 

Usually it’s the second one that makes the best memories.

So I want to organize an adventure club for me and you, where every month we have a new adventure. Nothing crazy like jumping out of airplanes or performing interpretive dance at an open mic night. I mean, I want us all to actually do the damn thing! Plus I know we aren’t all single college kids with unlimited budgets. It’s about finding adventure in the gems around us and capitalizing on the moment to make a memory. Maybe even a memory for a lifetime.

BUT, I want to be intentional about it. If my gym membership check-ins are any indication (I’m not a member at a gym) of my ability to maintain dedication to my grandiose ideas, then I knew I couldn’t do this alone. I needed a crew - you - to hang with me. I’m an extrovert, okay?! I am who I am!

How does it work?

Every month in 2016, you’ll get a new adventure delivered in your inbox. It’s an activity I’ll currently be doing, so we’ll be doing it together. I’ll provide instructions on how to do it, share ideas, inspiration - whatever is appropriate for that month’s adventure.

If you’re like, “What the hell does she mean by adventure?” Well, that’s a tough one because I want each month to be a surprise, but think along the lines of trying a new hobby/having a new experience/doing something meaningful and/or awesome (Merriam Webster should so hire me).

In addition, you’ll be invited to join a closed Facebook group where we can share our experiences each month. You know, photos, stories, special moments and cheer each other on. My dream is a fun/vibrant community developed from our shared experiences. Friendships! A special place for special women (and men!) doing special things.

Membership dues are $1 a month, $12 due at sign-up.* You can buy a membership for someone as a gift (bazing!). I would also recommend you call up your girlfriends and sign up together! But of course, the beauty of the club is that you don’t need to join with a group of friends to have an amazing experience.** 

Are you ready?!



*Membership dues are non-refundable. 

**The Adventure Club is best suited for members over the age of 21.