Attractive Woman’s Mugshot Turned into Meme, Now She’s Suing. I Can Relate.

The Internet can be weird. And in this case, subtly sexy.

Picture it: Florida, summer of 2010. Meagan Simmons was going for leisurely stroll, behind the wheel of a car, intoxicated. No bigs.

After being arrested for DUI, Meagan did what all people do before heading for the slammer - slipped into some prison scrubs for a glamorous photo shoot, otherwise known as getting her mug shot taken.

Thanks to public domain laws, Simmon’s mug shot was picked up by the website Attractive Convict. Unfortunately for her (fortunately for us) it was turned into several hilarious memes that are now making their rounds across the Internet.


After the photo was picked up by and used in advertisements, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Simmons was suing the website for using her likeness without compensation.

Could you imagine strolling through the Internet and running across your mug shot being used as hilarious Internet jokes AND advertisements?


I can imagine. It happened to me.

When I first read this story, memories flooded back of when, sadly – I became a sexy Internet mockery. I was loitering at a 7/11 with my crew a few years ago.

I’ll spare you the details, but long story short, after some sassy words were exchanged with the 5-O, I was arrested and sent to county.

It wasn’t my intention to look beautiful in my mug shots, it's just something that happened naturally.

I couldn’t control how gorgeous I looked, I just did what the officer told me to do. Look ahead and just, “be me.”

I never could have known I too would have been made into memes that would be shared across the Internet, but alas – here I am. 

Will I ever be able to shake the stigma the Internet has put on me by making a terrible moment in my life into a joke?

I don't know, honestly. Only time will tell.