App Addiction: Cat Effects

I have a problem, friends. A big problem.

When I look at pictures I've taken, I don't see the photo for what it is anymore.

I try to see how to best insert cats into the photo.

I know, it's sick and twisted and I don't want a cure.

Here we have Example A:

Sweet baby boy was playing in the snow, he stuck out his arms to gain his balance and I snapped a pic of the best cat arm stand I've ever seen. How is this not hilarious?

Then you have Example B:

Upon seeing this lady at a Farmers Market, I thought to myself, "CAT GOLDMINE." I can only imagine all of the cats that are hiding under her hat and dress. Ugh, wait, I don't want to imagine.

Finally, we land on Example C:

While visiting Spain last year, my youngest son and I snuggled for a pic on the beach. Looking at this photo, one year later, what did I see? CAT BEACH. I know!

P.S I know this app came out months ago, but after rediscovering it again last week, I have become the crazy cat lady...of pictures. I guess there are worse things in life?

Jen Hembree Co-Founded HaHas for HooHas.
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