After Ad Slams Working Moms, Real Estate Agents Still in Nation’s Doghouse after Apology

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Nearly a week after releasing an ad many find “horrendously sexist,” Real Estate Agents Costello and Costello still find themselves in the nation’s doghouse without any hope of getting out any time soon.

The ad shows the Costello brothers dressed in suits on one side of the ad with the caption “Full Time Professionals.” On the other side is a mother hog tied and bound by her kids who are coloring all over her face, knocking over pictures and apparently neglecting a duck the “stupid” mother probably bought last Easter and now totally regrets buying it. Her caption reads “Part Time Professional.”

After a fierce public backlash, the Costello brothers issued a statement on their Facebook page, now taken down.

“There are thousands of professional agents working in our area who are also dedicated mothers, including several on our team. Our original hope was to show the value of having two male full-time agents working for you, rather than a mom who, let’s be honest, would rather be shopping at Target in her yoga pants than tending to her client’s needs. If this came across as sexist, we are truly very sorry.” - Costello and Costello Real Estate

Sheryl Winters, a working mother of two, was more offended by the apology than she was the original ad. “Our nation of women have kicked them out of the bed onto the couch, but now we’re considering divorce. Do they not have wives or girlfriends around to tell them to just shut up, because they sound like sexist idiots? I mean, not one woman in the office was like, “Oh, um, gee, guys. This ad makes you look like ***holes”? And yes, we probably would rather be at Target in our yoga pants, who wouldn’t? That doesn’t mean we’re aren’t professionals and won’t excel in any area we put our minds too. Because we can, and we will. Idiots!”

John Hartman of Hartman Realty rallied on the side working moms. “That ad was a complete disgrace and I’m sickened and outraged. Every man knows we only say those things privately in our offices or over a nice bottle of scotch during our Good ‘Ol Boy meetings. As Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, you do better.” Let’s hope the Costello’s do better next time.”

Since the overwhelming backlash, Costello and Costello Real Estate has removed their presence on all social media, but the group continues to get reviews on Yelp:

Who would I rather have representing me? A working mother who can multi-task like a boss. A working mother who can wake up in the middle of the night to nurture a sick baby without complaining. A working mother who then wakes up at 6 to get kids out the door with BOTH shoes on, school papers signed, and lunches packed before she heads out to go kick butt in the office. A woman who often prioritizes everyone else’s needs before her own and looks good doing it. So suck on that Costellos! As an aside, does anyone know how to contact the woman in the ad? We’re looking for a three bedroom bungalow in the outskirts of town. - Tammy B.

Costello and Costello could not be reached for comment.


This post is satire spun from a real news story. To read more about the actual story, go here.