12 Test Answers That Prove Kids Think They're Smarter Than Us

I always thought that smart ass answers on tests were more of an anomaly - something you'd probably just see on the Internet (ahem, HaHas for HooHas), but a school teacher friend of mine told me this actually happens more than you'd think.

Which begs the question ... why didn't I think of this as a kid?!?!

1) Pffft. Easy.


2) Again, why do teachers keep asking us dumb questions?


3) This gets points for effort, right?


4) I think we can all agree that this answer is accurate.


4) Totally pissed I didn't think of this.


5) Technically, this is true.


6) Sometimes the teacher stands corrected. ::wink::


7) This would be my best guess as well, to be honest.


8) BOOM.


9) Uh, duh. ::eyeroll::


10) This is exactly how I feel about math.


11) I think this obvious, teach.


12) This kid's a rebel.


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