A Tricycle Wants To Give Us An Award

Red Tricycle's Parenting Humor Award Nomination via @HaHasforHooHas

Guess what HooHas?!

Because you all love us so freakin' much, the good folks over at Red Tricycle polled a bunch of interneters for their favorite Parenting Humor websites and enough of you recommended HaHas for HooHas that we've been nominated. Say whaaaaaaaaat?! 

So now, through August 15th (that's like 14 days, 11 hours, and 42 minutes...but who's counting really?), if we get the most votes we totally end up the top dog fave. And that'd be pretty cool because, as it turns out, if it weren't for Red Tricycle's LA city guide, Jess wouldn't have known what the crap to do with her kid all summer. Seriously. Not to mention we'll be pretty sad that we both dusted off a shelf in our china cabinets for an award, just to end up not getting one...

You can head on over and vote for us as your favorite Parenting Humor Website and then tell all your friends on Twitter to vote for us too.