HA Club

HooHas Adventure Club

What is the HooHas Adventure Club?

It's an exclusive club for me and you. A hobbyish, let’s live life to the fullest, do things we’ve never done before, make this year an adventure! - adventure club. And then maybe we’d all become best friends and have an amazing year together AHHHHH!!!


How does the club work?

Every month in 2016, you’ll get a new adventure delivered in your inbox. It’s an activity I’ll currently be doing, so we’ll be doing it together. I’ll provide instructions on how to do it, share ideas, inspiration - whatever is appropriate for that month’s adventure.

If you’re like, “What the hell does she mean by adventure?” Well, that’s a tough one because I want each month to be a surprise, but think along the lines of trying a new hobby/having a new experience/doing something meaningful and/or awesome (Merriam Webster should so hire me).

In addition, you’ll be invited to join a closed Facebook group where we can share our experiences each month. You know, photos, stories, special moments and to cheer each other on. My dream is a fun/vibrant community developed from our shared experiences. Friendships! A special place for special women (and men!) doing special things.


Uh, why?

Why not, right? I actually do have reasons why I wanted to start this club, but the gist - motherhood has reminded me how precious life is, that time is freaky short and I'm spending a lot of it working/writing or zoning out while watching "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" as my daughter is unrolling the toilet paper in the bathroom. I wanted to create a life full of small adventures that add up to an amazing year of experiences I'll never forget and I wanted to do that with all of you. To read my explanation more in depth, go to the original article here. 

Are there membership dues?

Yes. Membership dues are $1 a month, $12 due at sign-up. You can buy a membership for someone as a gift (bazing!). I would also recommend you call up your girlfriends and sign up together! But of course, the beauty of the club is that you don’t need to join with a group of friends to have an amazing experience.


Someone bought a membership for me as a gift, what do I do?

Nothing! Just wait for your adventure to land in your inbox starting January 2016. Don't forget to join our closed Facebook Group so we can support each other during our adventures!


I was on the fence about joining, but you've talked me into it. How do I join?



Wait, I can give a membership as a gift? How do I sign them up?



*Membership dues are non-refundable. 

**The Adventure Club is best suited for members over the age of 21.