Hangin' with the HooHas: Book Launch Party!

Cindy Chupack is the Emmy winning hilarious humor writer/genius/my soul mate (my words, not hers) behind hit shows like *ahem* SEX AND THE CITY, Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond and more.

Cindy graciously sent me her new book, "The Longest Date: Life of a Wife" about a month ago. It's the kind of funny where you have to just slap it shut and put the freaking thing down before you fall apart from laughing so hard. Read my earlier review here.

Well, guess what? She hanging out with The HooHas and Jill Krause from Baby Rabies LIVE, January 9th at 8 pm CST! She'll be here to answer YOUR questions you submit during the chat! Just go to our event page on Google Plus to watch, leave comments and ask questions for Cindy to answer. I asked - pretty much anything is on the table so just go for it. Make it awkward, I'm good with it. She may not answer it - but you tried and that's all that matters. Oh, and then we're going to play a game on behalf of our giveaway winner.

Oh, did I mention she's giving a free copy of her book?

Last question - is this the best thing to ever happen to us? 

Sign up below for your chance to win! Winner will be announced during the show. Seriously - DO NOT MISS THIS!

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