Jess Shows Off Her Interesting #DisneySide

The folks at Disney have been encouraging people all over the lands and the worlds (see what I did there?) to share their #DisneySide online. Here it was. The perfect time for me to reveal something that many people flat out could care less to don't know about me...

I grew up Disney. Like really, really grew up Disney.

Jaws drop faster than panties at a Chippendale's "concert" when people learn that I've visited Disneyland alone over 50 times in my few decades of life. 

As I grow into a mature woman having successfully dodged the infamous Tinker Bell tattoo, I'm coming to realize that instead of wanting to be the "Belle of the ball", I've ended up taking a liking to the completely wrong side of all that Disney upbringing. The evil, villainous #DisneyWrongSide. 

So learn from me, you sweet, precious little girls. Be the damn princess. 

Otherwise you'll just get really, really ticked when you try to murder your friends with produce and they see right through your dumb plan.

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