Cussing At The Kids

I can't cuss.

Like for reals-ies.

I tried in college, and sounded like an idiot

Cussing At The Kids via @hahasforhoohas

I really can't stand cursing in general. Most of the time it just makes people seem uneducated or like they are trying too hard. BUT I can appreciate a well placed cuss word. Like at the end of Harry Potter when Mrs. Weasley tells the evil Bellatrix Lestrange what's up in that last battle scene. Or in every action movie when the "good guy" is filled with righteous anger over some incredible injustice. But dropping the F-bomb in place of the word "very" is ridiculous. 

Which is why it's crazy that I'm cussing at my kids a minimum of 50 times a day. 

In my head. 

But it's still really strange, and I've been mentally noting the recent influx. Are you wondering what this wild silent word is? It's always the same, and said (in my head) with passion. 

It's...effin'. Not the actual F-word, but "effin". And it's used for the most trivial things:

"Oh wow, the effin' remote control is in the bathroom."

"The empty effin' Pirate Booty bag is on the floor again!"

And more than once in a rant:

"Put the effin' toothpaste tube back in the effin' drawer and click the effin' lid back on!"

It really makes no sense. Pent up aggression at my children? I don't think so. I don't feel angry at them at all. Flustered - for sure! But not in a mean way.

Go figure! 

Ever catch yourself saying weird things about what peeves you in your head?

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