Toddlers are Psychopaths

Five Signs You're A Hippie Mom

Signs you know your child has a Hippie Mom:

These examples may or may not be from my son. And I may or may not be a hippie...

1. He pretends to drive his play ambulance to "Natural Grocers," not WalMart, because he doesn't know WalMart exists.

2. He asks for kombucha instead of a juice box.

3. When having trouble sleeping, he asks for chamomile.

4. After getting surgery on a cut finger, he asks for homemade salve to make it better.

5. Your child argues with their friend about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup.


What else can you add to the list?


Don't be shy hippies, I love your aluminum-free sweaty pits.

A HooHa Daily Affirmation: Embrace the Sweats