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Brace yourself people. We're doing an Honest Toddler eCard series and it feels so good! Read more to get the exclusive on the new book!

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Friday Family Photo Fails

Kids Spelling Badly: Not Even Close, But Perfect

Payback's a Fart Joke via @hahasforhoohas

Shop 'Til They Drop

Leave Children Alone at Your Own Risk

Studies have shown that if you leave a child alone either by themselves or with a man, something bad is going to happen to their hair.

Exhibit A:

According to this little nugget's mom, Emily Joyner, she was under the false sense of security that her son was sleeping peacefully in the other room.

Kids Spelling Badly: Tell Me How You Really Feel

Payback's a Fart Joke via @hahasforhoohas

Photo submitted by Stephanie Federer.

ANOTHER Top 10 List: The Craziest Things We've Said to Our Crazy Kids

Remember when y'all submitted over 300 submissions when I asked you to share the craziest things you've caught yourself saying to your kids?

I thought our first list was incredible, but it just keeps getting better and better. Anyway, I promised a Part Deaux, but now I feel like we need this to last the rest of our lives.

Let's just keep going with the crazy. I mean, why not?

Without further adieu ...