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What? They're Just Baby Cats, Geez.

This hilarious bad lip reading of Game of Thrones (by the pee-your-pants-funny folks at Bad Lip Reading...duh) is OUT. OF. CON. TROL! 


Jess Shows Off Her Interesting #DisneySide

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Preschool Tap Dancer Goes Hilariously Rogue

I sort of wish I'd gone this route in the dance showcase days instead of attempting to flail my awkward, string bean body around to the real choreography. Great job fulfilling my dreams, little girl. Great job. -Jess

I Told You I Wasn't Human

Wouldn't it be a lot funnier for us ladies if...


Video by the hilarious The Brothers Riedell (Nick & Chris)! See what they're up to on YouTube, like all the time.

A Surprising Discovery About Our Distant Relatives

Whatcha Doing? Mamming Hashtag Mamming?


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Apple. Poutine. Cheesestring.

Listening in from the other side of the door is one of my favorite things in parenthood ever. -J

How I Made A Halloween Costume My Child Love-Hated

Halloween as a crafty mom of a school-aged child is a really fun time of the year. 

Dylan and I had gone back and forth for weeks on what he wanted to dress up as this year. A quick trip to the science center, a swing through the gift shop (because, obviously) and the purchase of chameleon goggles and his Halloween costume fate was sealed. He wanted to be a lizard. Well, the trip to the science center and the jewel jar in kindergarten that's "fill goal" was A HALLOWEEN PARTY, WHAT THE HAY, MOMMY! A HALLOWEEN PARTY! 

For weeks, back in August, he begged me to take him to the craft store every day to get all the supplies to make his lizard costume. Can I take a brief moment here to mention how insanely adorable it is for your child who's working through saying the hardness to the letter R to constantly ask you about a lizard costume? Because it's insanely cute. I finally gave in and took him. Before it was even September. 

Knock, Knock. Who's There? Peas.

I think it's appropriate that we're all very, very relieved we don't have to sit through crap like this anymore to get our fill of  "blind" dating in the modern age. 

Instead we get to find gems like this, frozen in profile avatars on the umpteen badrillion dating websites, or worse, Facebook. Hmm...maybe we should revive the VHS dating video industry...

I Am An Adult. I Have Earned This Right.

Kids these days are wearing some really ridiculous crap. ::adjusts w-neck shirt::

Keeping the Earth Spinning One Fart Joke at A Time

Farting really, really never gets old around here. Ever.


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A Twitter Party For Suburban White Girls In Yoga Pants

A Twitter Party for Suburban White Girls In Yoga Pants via @hahasforhoohas #hollahollafall

You know that thing where you love to talk about something so much that you think it'd be great if everyone just took a second or a minute or a hour to chat about that thing with you? 

Next Tuesday, Anna & I will be doing just that over on Twitter. 

We're having our first ever Twitter party. 

Your Days of Prairie Dogging It Are Over

It makes us happy in our hearts (and sometimes Jess' pants) to see companies nailing their marketing. I mean, NAIL! ING! IT! 

Brava, Poo-Pourri. Brava.

#GameofHooHas Episode Four: Steal Anna's Birthday Presents

#GameofHooHas Episode Three: Steal Anna's Birthday Presents via @hahasforhoohas

Here's what you need to know: 

WHEN: TONIGHT! Thursday, September 19th at 6p PST/9p EST (RSVP HERE)

WHAT: Steal Anna's Birthday Presents!

WHO: Our contestants tonight are Elizabeth of Flourish in Progress & Stephanie from Froggy & The Mouse & some super surprise guest maybe John Stamos. Maybe.


The Importance of Whistling While You Twerk

A simple whistle would have given her roommate the hint that she was in the room, recording a sexy dance sensation video for her boyfriend.

Remember kids: Whistling saves lives. And yoga pants.

Warning: Cute Overload

On a day like today, it doesn't hurt to be smothered with so much sweet, precious goodness that I want to throw my computer across the room because the cuteness is putting me into a love rage.

For some reason this video reminds me that there is so much goodness in the world, and it can be found in the littlest of things. Like observing a fluffy sheep trying to teach an important survival skill (headbutting) to an adolescent bull that, quite frankly, is a little bored and uninterested. 

Don't Shoot It At Your Mom, That's My Job

Hands down, this was my favorite age and for really, really good reason. -Jess



Plus this family is hilarious. You should follow them on YouTube.

#GameofHooHas Episode Three: What Would Danny Tanner Do

#GameofHooHas Episode Three: What Would Danny Tanner Do via @hahasforhoohas

Hooray for another LIVE episode of #GameofHooHas! HOORAY!

Here's what you need to know:

WHEN: TONIGHT! Thursday, September 5th at 6p PST/9p EST (RSVP HERE)

WHAT: What Would Danny Tanner Do LIVE Game + Awesome Giveaway

WHO: Anna & Jess (duh) and Matt Clarke & David Milchard of Convos with My Two Year Old!!

WHERE: You can watch and interact right here on this post, or get even more action over on our Google+ event page!

So scurry back here in a few hours to join in on all the fun. We've got a few surprises in store for you guys too, so that's happening.

See you soon, HooHas!!

Jurassic Park PTSD

As someone who had nightmares for weeks after the demise of Dr. Ian Malcom (hey, Jeff) in Jurrasic Park, I couldn't be more relieved to say that I'm proud I don't live in Japan. 

Shut Up, I'm Trying to Study

I just barely saw Pitch Perfect for the first time the other night (I know, I know. What kind of female am I?!) and immediately fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube, looking for people who have done incredible things with Anna Kendrick's "Cup Song" from the film. 

Little did I know, I was about to stumble upon a young HooHa who I'm convinced will grow up into one of the most hilarious women ever.