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Little Boy Has Epic Meltdown When Finding Out He Gets Another Sister

When Kids Write The Script and the Parents Act it Out = GOLD

This News Caster's Blunder Never Gets Old! Never I Say!

When Guys Do Their Girlfriend's Makeup

Bruno vs Husky: How to Wake Someone Up with a Laser Pointer and a Bulldog

Best 20 Seconds of Your Life: The Ice Cream Truck

Viral Alert: How To Wake Someone with a Laser Pointer and a Dog

Judgmental 10 Mo. Baby Hates Brian Williams

EPIC ALERT: Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel & The Roots Sing "Let it Go"

A Traffic Reporter's Let It Go Parody = Is This For Real? Look On My Face

Special thanks to HooHas fan, Erin Munoz Jordan for bringing this to my attention. I can just imagine it. Getting the cobwebs out of my eyes, lazily pouring my morning coffee, and turning on the traffic news ... to THIS.  

What would the look be on my face? Shock? Embarrassment mixed with Glee? A "What the fudgballs am I looking at?" expression? Delight?

I can't decide poeple!!

This Awkward Audition Tape Wins All of My LOLs!

This tape showing multiple auditions is so awkward it would hurt if I wasn't laughing so hard.

I think the old man with the killer 80s eye glasses is my favorite.

No, he's not, the guy that jumps to the side like a crazy person is my favorite.

No - the woman who acts like she's a on a sedative.


Jogger Brags About Perfect Running Conditions then Bites it Hard

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times. If you fall, I'm laughing. 

I mean, I'll make sure you're ok first. But once I find out you're ok - seriously - I'm laughing and I probably won't stop for a really long time.

So, basically - I might be a bad friend. I'd even make a worse reporter because there's no way I couldn't see this and not lose it.


100 Year Old BFFs Talk Pop Culture

These two ladies have known each other for 94 years. Can you imagine knowing someone for 94 years?!

And still liking them after 94 years?!

My biggest dream in life is growing up into a sassy old lady. These two spunky gals are totally living my dream!

Watch them talk about pop culture. I mean. Incredible.

I Swoon! Twenty Things We Should Say More Often

I didn't expect to laugh this hard. Also? I'm in love! ~Anna

Ginger Refuge = I Won't Ever Stop Laughing and You Can't Make Me

I had red hair as a child, therefore it is totally acceptable for me to guffaw laugh throughout this entire video.

The rest of you, well. You're just gonna have to feel guilty about it.

Kid Calls 911 for Math Homework. Mom's Reaction - Classic.

Toddler Sings Wrecking Ball With Passion

The only way you'll get to me to watch a video with the song "Wrecking Ball" in it, is if a toddler is in the video singing it with more passion than Celine Dion in concert.

This short video DELIVERS.

Let it Burn

Here pure panic is hilarious.

Her man giving her a water purifier to drink out of might just take it over the top.

But I gotta say, I think in the beginning she's acting. She knows that's a pepper. What she may not know is that the burn feels a lot like dying.

Baby Has Incredible Reaction to Seeing Her Dad's Twin For the First Time

If you ever wondered how a baby brain processes seeing a human clone of her daddy for the first time - the answer is called "What The What? Shock" - a medical term I just made up, but is probably real based on her incredible facial expressions.

Watch her hilarious reaction here. It's not long and her multiple double takes will have you LOLing all over the place.

Downton Abbey Fans - Prepare to Die of LOLs