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The Year I Ruined Thanksgiving

2004 was the year I graduated college. Came back from Spain. Cooked crappy Rachel Ray meals.

It was also the year I ruined Thanksgiving.

I set 4 alarms the night before I missed my fateful flight to Indianapolis.  How does one turn off 4 alarms in their sleep?  It may have something to do with going to bed 3 hours before one was supposed to wake up...

I woke up in a panic, realizing that I had missed my flight.  By 2 hours.  I called my mom, crying of course, and she quickly rerouted my ticket to Chicago.

A HooHas Pinterest Hair Tutorial! (AKA Just Put Your Hat Back On)

Pinterest helps women of the world to feel their very best.

They offer tutorials that help us add ribbons, braids and even small birds to our hair.

Realizing I had been wearing a hat for the past week, I decided to venture out into the land of Pins and try one out.

And boy oh boy, am I glad that I did.

1. This is what I call, "Week old hair that is a little Nick Nolte with a side of heroin addict/inmate. When you're hair hits this point, try this tutorial!

The Story Behind the Hell eCard: Checkbooks And Demon Cherubs

I consider myself a very patient person.

When my three year old knocks over his chocolate milk cup for the 3rd time, I calmly wipe it up and remind him that the fourth spill results in pouring honey on his feet and letting ferrets lick it off. (That's one of my nightmares, right behind being trapped in a room with Carrot Top.)

This day in particular, my patience was bordering the insanity line, where I couldn't handle one more tantrum being thrown about not getting to eat off the blue plate because the yellow plate made chicken nuggets taste nasty apparently.

Turns Out, the Whore Wasn't Included

Turns Out the Whore Wasn't Included via @hahasforhoohas

Enunciation is important. Very important. Let me bring you back to that fateful day my friends, the day my lack of enunciation changed a cab ride. Forever. And ever and ever.