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Put the Casserole Next to the Placenta, Please

"Tips" in the Kitchen: Cutting a Squash

I have traveled the world and have discovered the best way to cut open a butternut squash. And now I'm sharing my secret tip with you.

"Tips" in the Kitchen: Cutting a Squash via @hahasforhoohas

Who Doesn't Like a Good Meat-Flinging Every Now and Then?

Who Doesn't Like a Good Meat-Flinging Every Now and Then? via @hahasforhoohas

I entered Fuddruckers, with my two small children, needing a quick bite to eat before nap. My 2 year old has previously been throwing a fit over Lord knows what while my 12 month old smiled and farted rainbows. He's that happy.

Fuddruckers is a great place to eat with families- music is loud enough that boisterous children can't be heard, casual setting and best of all, they give free cookies to kids.

Old Man "Shusher"

Remember Me as Hilarious, Sexy and Awesome At Least?

Remember me this way. Always and forever.

Dear friends,

App Addiction: Cat Effects

I have a problem, friends. A big problem.

When I look at pictures I've taken, I don't see the photo for what it is anymore.

I try to see how to best insert cats into the photo.

I know, it's sick and twisted and I don't want a cure.

Here we have Example A:

Sweet baby boy was playing in the snow, he stuck out his arms to gain his balance and I snapped a pic of the best cat arm stand I've ever seen. How is this not hilarious?

Jen Was Almost Attacked By A Rabies Filled Pony Dog: This is Her Survival Story

A mother bear does anything to protect her den.

On that fateful Friday morning, I was the farthest thing from a mother bear.

In fact, I was more like this giraffe. (I'm not proud, people.)

Teachers Are Awesome Freaks?

Looking back at my time as a teacher,  I realized I was a freak with superhuman powers. Let me explain...

Post-Nursing Bra Shopping: Double The Torture



My husband told me I could do anything I wanted for Mother's Day. I could have done anything, ANYTHING I tell you! I chose to do something, alone, that I've been dreaming about for months: